The Call to Prayer in Britain

The Anglican Bishop of Rochester (UK), Rt. Rev. Michael Nazir-Ali has created considerable notoriety claiming that there are areas across Britain where it is too dangerous for non-Muslims to enter. He says that people of a different race or faith face physical attack if they live or work in Muslim dominated communities.

Writing in the Sunday Telegraph, Dr. Nazir-Ali said there had been attempts to “impose ‘Islamic’ character on certain areas” by, for example, amplifying the adhan (call to prayer) from mosques and questioning whether non-Muslims “wish to be told the creed of a particular faith five times a day, seven days a week on the loudspeaker”

There are several versions of the adhan. This is one of them.

The Muslim Council of Britain calls his comments “frantic scaremongering.” and describes the call to prayer as no different than the ringing of church bells.


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Does the Anglican church still exist? ;)

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