Submission - Women Of Islam

For the three people in the world who may not as yet have seen it, here is “Submission”. A collaborative effort between Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh and writer Ayann Hirsi Ali, the film focuses on the abuse of women in Islamic societies. Verses from the Qu’ran are painted on the women’s bodies.

As a direct result of making this film on November 2, 2004 van Gogh was assassinated in Amsterdam by Mohammed Bouyeri who left a note affixed to van Gogh’s chest with a dagger linking him to the film and his views on Islam. Addressed to Ms. Hirsi Ali, it called for jihad against the unbelievers and the death of Ms. Hirsi Ali herself.

As a result, Ms. Hirsi Ali lives with a full time bodyguard. She continues to work from an undisclosed location in the Netherlands.

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